I have run the Manifesto of Perfection for over a year. During that period I have spent a lot of time talking about Self-Improvement.


For my goal setting month I have picked out my five favourite posts.

You’re never too old to learn new things

When I finished school I did not know where to go next.  It is important that through our life we keep learning and developing.

Habits you should adopt

To be good at self-improvement there are habits you can adopt which will help along the way.  Here I write about some of the things you should do.

Do you have oneitis with your goals?

An early effort for me – this article was inspired by the term ‘oneitis’ – a reference to a man who obsessed with one person and as a result closes off all other opportunities for potential relationships.  I noticed a tunnel vision that some people have with a certain goal that they let everything else in their life go nowhere.

How failing goals can be good

This is a new article, but one I am really proud of.  It is important that we do not quit and give everything we do a good effort.  This article illustrates what can be learnt from being a failure.

The Face in the Mirror

At 19 I was working a dead end job, I went to the gym but never quiet put the effort in and I went to a creative writing class.  Then I got my first experience of death and things have never been the same.

Thanks for reading

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