Habits you should adopt

This post on assertiveness was originally posted on April 2014

Additional note: It’s interesting to go back through my old posts to see how my writing has changed, reading it can be a bit embarrassing but I guess it shows I have changed and evolved…

Life is short, some people choose to waste their free time doing much of nothing, others spend free time on interesting hobbies, improving themselves and developing skills that they can use later in life.

Here are the five habits you should be doing:

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Another Milestone – 1000 Likes

On another average day I open up my WordPress notifications to find this:


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….And influence people


I find this a useful infographic to remind on all the main lessons in the book How to Win Friends and Influence people. Continue reading “….And influence people”

How to win friends and influence people

I have recently read the book How to Win Friends and Influence People – a book that is probably one of the most famous self-improvement books ever published.

From reading a number of self-improvement or business books, at some point How to Win Friends… is usually referenced at some point, but despite this I had never bothered to read it until last week.

And it is very rare I say this, but I feel that some of the ideas in this could change my life for the better…

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Current Goals April 2016


A while ago I talked about having a System.

This was a process of replacing my goals under the Scott Adams logic that goals are for losers, you need to have a system.

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Manifesto of Perfection: 5 Essential Self-Improvement Posts

I have run the Manifesto of Perfection for over a year. During that period I have spent a lot of time talking about Self-Improvement.


For my goal setting month I have picked out my five favourite posts.

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How many notepads does a blog writer need?

It’s my first real effort at getting rid of some of my stuff and compared to previously I have decided to be more pragmatic in how I choose to clear my possessions out.

How many notepads does a blog writer

I may need this one day…

“How many notepads does a blog writer need?” I think, as I clear out a draw full of items related to writing.  This is not to be mistaken with the draw next to it, which is full of sketchpads and drawing materials.  It’s depressing as I realise my writings are like a mausoleum full of unfinished ideas and broken dreams.

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