Develop a Gorilla grip and conquer the monkey bars

Are you taking part in Tough Mudder, Spartan or another obstacle course race? You are probably aware that a mainstay feature of these races is the monkey bars!  Some people do this effortlessly but if you are anything like me then you probably have found them a struggle! Keep trying, keep failing: I have put … Continue reading Develop a Gorilla grip and conquer the monkey bars

Be your crowd

Self-limiting beliefs are the biggest hindrance to our true potential. When you have goals, or you just want to get something done, the first battle often is fighting against these beliefs, which can sometimes use a lot of the motivation that would actually be better used to get the task done. Training to run races … Continue reading Be your crowd

Gym Fails

I was browsing fitness videos on YouTube yesterday and I came across this: If you don't have time to watch, basically it is a guy making sarcastic and amusing comments of people working out - doing stupid routines, dropping weights, etc, etc. I am not sure if I should laugh, because if you are … Continue reading Gym Fails

Race Day Mistakes

From my experience of racing (i.e. running and obstacle races) I have noted a number of mistakes.  Because I am not perfect, I have even done a few myself: Drinking the night before This might seem an obvious mistake, but at nearly every obstacle race I have seen someone do this. I find this surprising … Continue reading Race Day Mistakes

2015 – My adult year

And so another year ends... To sum it up it has been a busy one.  I thought I would sum it up through my health, creative, wealth and social life. Health This has been a particular let down.  I don't feel like my fitness has really returned to form - I have not had as … Continue reading 2015 – My adult year

10 miles into the longest run…

The Spartan Beast was a huge achievement in many ways - it was the longest distance I have run and the longest period of time that I have had my fitness tested over. How did I get through this? I powered myself with protein bars, energy gels, energy bars, nuts, fruit, water, Lucozade Sport. Yet when … Continue reading 10 miles into the longest run…

The Spartan Manchester Double

As part of my race calendar I set myself the challenge of running the Spartan Trifecta this year. This means that I am required to run: The Spartan Sprint (Approx 6km) The Spartan Super (Approx 12km) The Spartan Beast (Approx 20km) The Sprint and Super Races The first of my two races (Sprint and Super) … Continue reading The Spartan Manchester Double

Simplify your goals – Do, Doing and Done

I admit, I probably enjoy planning my goals a bit too much.  Sometimes I feel like I do too much planning and need to just get on with it. So I welcome ways that make planning goals easier. Working in project management I handle plans daily.  I see GANTT charts that detail a projects progress … Continue reading Simplify your goals – Do, Doing and Done

Find New Fitness Challenges: If not now? When?

  One of my main fitness goals has been to find new fitness challenges. After having a prevailing foot injury, I thought I was going to end up finding an activity that would not put pressure on the feet. To my relief, the worst of my injuries are gone and now it is just effort to … Continue reading Find New Fitness Challenges: If not now? When?

Hey ho, let’s go… insane at Badass Mudder

Hey ho, let's go... insane at Badass Mudder:  On a very hot, humid Saturday morning my friend Tom and I took part in the Badass Mudder obstacle race at the River Lune, Lancaster. We crashed over at friends, so had a pleasant 30 minutes drive through the country.  When we saw the Badass sign with … Continue reading Hey ho, let’s go… insane at Badass Mudder