And so another year ends…

To sum it up it has been a busy one.  I thought I would sum it up through my health, creative, wealth and social life.


This has been a particular let down.  I don’t feel like my fitness has really returned to form – I have not had as much time to dedicate to keeping fit and when I do I have found it a real struggle.

On the positive my foot injury has faded away in June and to date has not made a nasty return.

I did have doubts that it may return but my fears were alleviated when I did the Spartan Beast – a 15 mile obstacle race.  It took me over five hours to complete, but that did not surprise me as the most I ran leading up to it was 3 miles!  But still I managed to go for 15 miles despite feeling tired and hungry!

My nutrition has not been the best this year. This has mostly been a deliberate choice, I have taken more of an attitude to love life and not beat myself up when I eat unhealthy things.  But I realise that small things like snacking on sugar things at work, not eating porridge for breakfast and rarely drinking green tea are things I want to change.


In 2015 I continued the side hobby of card making, it has been fun making close family members cards and I do feel I have got better at making cards.

I have also continued blog writing (what you are reading).  But 2015 saw a drop in routine and writing only when I have something to say.

In March this year I set myself a big writing challenge – writing a blog post everyday – which I achieved!

I didn’t achieve my ambition of writing a full book, maybe in 2016…..


Financially my life has gotten better.  I escaped my horrible job at the beginning of the year.

Over the following months my new job made me realise my potential and my confidence returned.  This led to me getting promoted in October.  I think I get addicted to success as now I want even more!

For 2016 I need to reign myself in, I can already see in my new role that I have the potential to do more, but I am still relatively new but I don’t want to piss anyone off and the higher I get the tougher it gets to move up.


I started the year in my longest relationship ever. And look! You are here to witness the continuation of a personal best.

This year I didn’t see friends as much. I think this is a combination of the busyness of my life and theirs. In some ways this has been my adult year and in many ways although we are still friends we are growing in different ways.

In September I bought a house with my significant other. This was ground breaking as three years ago I left the city of Leicester jobless penniless and homeless.  My first step to recovery was moving back with parents. I have come a long way since then! To be able to get the money together and afford such a thing was a major step.

And so I came to December…

I had a happy home.  Meeting my girlfriend made a major impact in my life, I honestly didn’t think they made girls like her.  At some point I wanted her to be more.

So on a random day I asked her to marry me. And she said yes!

Here is to what 2016 brings!

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