1. The 60 minute makeover:  I am always looking for new ways to meet the needs that an obstacle race challenges you.  I do various routines in the gym to help me out.

Here is a really intense workout that my personal trainer friend got me doing.

He calls it the 60 minute makeover because when you are finished you will feel a completely different person (whether you feel healthier or just drenched in sweat is debatable).

This is something he has been doing with his clients, however not many are to his level of fitness, therefore he was begging to try it with me as we are on similar levels.

What do I need?

  • A bit of space in the gym to do the exercises and keep all the equipment laid out ready to use
  • No interruptions from other members wanting to chat or take your equipment (quieter periods like Saturday afternoon are recommended)
  • Maximum 10 Kg dumbbell
  • 10 to 20 Kg bar
  • Bar weighing up to 30 Kg
  • Kettlebell weighing up to 16 Kg
  • Something for box jumps
  • Stop watch
  • Note book
  • Someone to do the workout

What do I do?

Make sure you have had a gentle warmup.

Set your stop watch for 60 minutes.  This will be the whole time of the workout.

As you will note this is a team workout, however you could probably do it alone.

You and your partner will take it in turn to complete the following:

  • Press-ups (x10)
  • Box jumps (x10)  Note: make sure it is a comfortable but challenging height
  • Kettlebell swings (x10)
  • Burpees (x10)
  • Double unders (x10) or alternatively if you can’t do the double under do x20 skips
  • Snatch (x10) with the 10 to 20Kg bar.  Note: if you struggle with the snatch technique you could use one of the 10 Kg dumbbells to do a press (x5 each hand)
  • Deadlift (x10) with the 30Kg bar
  • Push press (x10) with 10Kg weights
  • Body weight squats (x10)

As soon as the last squat is finished the second person starts the above routine.  While they are doing that the first person rests.  Make sure to tick in your note-book every time a set is completed.

Once the second person completes there set, the first person starts again while the second person rests.  Keep repeating this until 60 minutes is up.

The finish

When time is up add up all the sets complete, note: half sets do not count to the score.

If you are of a reasonable level of fitness this is a challenging workout that will make your body feel pumped and quite achieved.

We managed 19 sets.  Are you able to beat it?  Post below how you do.

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