The other day I had a nightmare.

I went to the gym and the guy on reception decided to make small talk, which sounded out of character. He constructed sentences in what sounded like a sales pitch.

It turned out he was, he mentions some amazing nutritional product called herbal life which seemed to specialise in everything from weight loss to protein powders.

As I go in the gym I start benching. As I rest between sets some jacked dude in a herbal life vest, decides to start talking to me about how it will help with my gains.

On the way to work I am tailing a Mini Cooper.   As I stop behind it at the lights I see the Herbal Life logo and a number to ring for ‘nutritional advice’.

At work I am surrounded by women chugging Herbal Life meal replacements for lunch. So I go out and I get leaflet shoved into my hand full of Herbal Life products.

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In the evening I go to a friends, we get onto talking about are fitness goals. Then our natural, fluid conversation dies and he starts going on about Herbal Life. He tells me what a great product it is and that I should come to the next seminar to start selling the stuff and that he would be my sponsor.

After enduring all this I do a 10k race.   Herbal Life people are there giving out free samples to the runners and taking details.

By this point I feel like I am in a zombie movie where one by one people are being converted to selling nutritional products.

I wake up and realise that this not a nightmare but a continuing reality where I am having to resist the sales pitch of an expensive product.

I have tried some of there products and they are average.  And there are many things about Herbal Life that make me uncomfortable.

But I don’t feel comfortable:

  • with a model that seems awfully like a pyramid selling style business model.
  • having nutritional products hard-sold to me when the seller is motivated more by personal greed than matching the right product with me.
  • having a seller with no background in nutrition talking like they are a nutritionist.
  • I don’t want a product that is the nutritional version of Avon or a Kleeneze catalogue.

Until next time, keep reading the Manifesto of Perfection – a blog that will never be corrupted by money…


I think I touched on Herbal Life quite lightly.  Read these two blog articles which may influence your decision to purchase as either a customer or potential seller.

Read about Herbal Life bullshit here

Read why multi level marketing schemes are bullshit here


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