The 10 Best Weight Lifting exercises: Push Press

I continue my series where I count down my top 10 weight exercises, giving my opinion on some of my favourite exercises that have been a staple of my gym routine for many years.

The purpose of this weekly series is for me to share with you the reader my favourite workout exercises.  I don’t tell you how to do it – so whether you are doing it for power, body building or endurance – you will just see why I like these exercises, it’s up to you how heavy you go.

If you have experience of weight training you have probably heard of most of my list.  Although I can appreciate a number of exercises, I take the view it is best to be a master of a small number of routines.  These 10 weight exercises are what I focus on week-in, week out.

This week is Number 8:

Push Press

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Gym Fails

I was browsing fitness videos on YouTube yesterday and I came across this:

If you don’t have time to watch, basically it is a guy making sarcastic and amusing comments of people working out – doing stupid routines, dropping weights, etc, etc.

I am not sure if I should laugh, because if you are a regular gym user you will have been there at some point. Continue reading “Gym Fails”

It’s what works for you

In the lead up to doing Badass Mudder, I have been watching a lot of YouTube videos to get inspiration.  For some reason I am drawn to the YouTube comments, which seem to be the place for others to share their own insecurities or hatred.

If you look at any crossfit video you probably will see a comment like this:



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The 60 minute makeover – a crossfit style workout

The 60 minute makeover:  I am always looking for new ways to meet the needs that an obstacle race challenges you.  I do various routines in the gym to help me out.

Here is a really intense workout that my personal trainer friend got me doing.

He calls it the 60 minute makeover because when you are finished you will feel a completely different person (whether you feel healthier or just drenched in sweat is debatable).


This is something he has been doing with his clients, however not many are to his level of fitness, therefore he was begging to try it with me as we are on similar levels. Continue reading “The 60 minute makeover – a crossfit style workout”