It’s frustrating having an injury that stops you doing what you love.

In the past two years I have made a niche for being a 5k and 10k runner, with my times gradually improving throughout the years.


My favourite shot of myself taken during a race

Round July I was a bit broken down – my legs ached, I had twisted my ankle on the left foot and on the right foot I had a dull reoccurring pain that would not go away on the flat of my foot.

Take a month off running

I decided to take a month off running and so my legs and ankle soon felt better.  But the main in the flat of my foot remained – it was not that it was particularly painful, more of an annoyance that had the potential to get worse if pushed.

Because of this reoccuring problem I decided to make it a goal to get it sorted – so I said I would seek professional help and take preventative measures to reduce the risk of future injury.

It turned out I had plantar fascia.  Which according to my doctor goes with time.  As a keen runner that is not what I wanted to hear.  But I listened to what he said and took some time off.

When it did not heal up two months later I was getting a bit anxious, especially as I had a race at the end of February.  So I went back.  The Doctor sighed, printed off some exercises and referred me to podiatrist.

Getting back outside

I did some half-assed runs, managing a 5k in just under 25 minutes (my personal best is 19 minutes 27 seconds).

As the appoint approached my foot was gradually feeling better.  Rather than cancelling I decided to go ahead with it.

To put it politely it was a waste of time.  I had done so much desktop research that the podiatrist agreed with what I said and was impressed that I was taking action to protect the injury.

Future action:

To insure my foot injury does not return I will:

  • Take preventative measures such as streteching
  • Roll a frozen bottle of what on my foot if pain returns
  • Slowly build my running distance and make sure to rest
  • Do more cardio on my bike

Current training

Over the last two weeks I have been doing some duathlon style training sessions (run/bike/run) and having days were I just cycle.

And it has been such a relief to feel my fitness improving each time I go out.

On Sunday I went my hardest doing a 3 mile run – 8 mile bike – 1 mile run combination.

As I reached the final stretch, I went the hardest I have ever done since July.  My legs were still wobbly from the bike ride and burned like mad; I gasped for air, as a load of snot dribbled out of my nose.

As I approached home I had a final sprint crossing the ‘finish line’, where I collapsed on the floor smiling.

I love pushing how hard I can push my body and as I picked myself up off the floor I thought

“I’m back!”

Now I can really go full force on my fitness goals.

 GOALSETTINGManifesto of Perfection – Goal Setting Month

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2 thoughts on “I’m back!

  1. Thanks for liking a few of my posts and following my blog. I used to run, but gave up nearly a decade ago due to a cartilage injury. I found that cutting back on running from three or four times a week to just once a week meant that I lost my fitness and it just became a slog and ceased to be enjoyable.

    I am in my late 40’s now so fair enough. In my early 30’s, I could run five miles in 32 mins or thereabout. I’ve done a 10-mile or so bike ride this morning, 25 miles or so is as far as I can cycle in day without feeling a twinge in that knee. I think that it is good enough for me at my age. Additionally, I live near enough to my base work location – only two miles – that when I am there (most days) I cycle.


    1. It was no problem – when browsing your blog I found many posts that appeal to my interests and found your writing thought provoking.

      Thanks for the comment, from my own experience from the past six months I have also found running not as enjoyable due to running less. I am currently at a point in my life where I struggle to maintain time into fitness activities due to the increase in other commitments in my life.


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