How Hard You Get Hit

It’s not been an easy year so far...  In some ways I knew this moment was coming, my head hasn’t been into much recently.  You could say too many lockdowns, too many gym closures,... too many setbacks were responsible for the frustrations.  But I know that’s a lie and a bit of self-sabotage was involved … Continue reading How Hard You Get Hit

The Best Exercise EVER To Build Your Mettle

The best exercise EVER to build your mettle If you're looking for a new exercise to re-energise your routine, then read on as I introduce you to the greatest ever exercise to build your mettle! I present to you the death march. What is it? The death march is the finisher of finishers to … Continue reading The Best Exercise EVER To Build Your Mettle

I’m back!

It's frustrating having an injury that stops you doing what you love. In the past two years I have made a niche for being a 5k and 10k runner, with my times gradually improving throughout the years. My favourite shot of myself taken during a race Round July I was a bit broken down - … Continue reading I’m back!