Race Day Mistakes

From my experience of racing (i.e. running and obstacle races) I have noted a number of mistakes.  Because I am not perfect, I have even done a few myself: Drinking the night before This might seem an obvious mistake, but at nearly every obstacle race I have seen someone do this. I find this surprising … Continue reading Race Day Mistakes

10 Miles Into The Longest Run…

The Spartan Beast was a huge achievement in many ways - it was the longest distance I have run and the longest period of time that I have had my fitness tested over. How did I get through this? I powered myself with protein bars, energy gels, energy bars, nuts, fruit, water, Lucozade Sport. Yet when … Continue reading 10 Miles Into The Longest Run…

The Spartan Manchester Double

As part of my race calendar I set myself the challenge of running the Spartan Trifecta this year. This means that I am required to run: The Spartan Sprint (Approx 6km) The Spartan Super (Approx 12km) The Spartan Beast (Approx 20km) The Sprint and Super Races The first of my two races (Sprint and Super) … Continue reading The Spartan Manchester Double

Hey ho, let’s go… insane at Badass Mudder

Hey ho, let's go... insane at Badass Mudder:  On a very hot, humid Saturday morning my friend Tom and I took part in the Badass Mudder obstacle race at the River Lune, Lancaster. We crashed over at friends, so had a pleasant 30 minutes drive through the country.  When we saw the Badass sign with … Continue reading Hey ho, let’s go… insane at Badass Mudder

How Mindset Got Me A Running Personal Best

In my quest to dominate the Spartan race, I have been working on my running time. I decided to compete in a 10k the week before Spartan - the purpose to soak up a competitive atmosphere and address any gear issues. I was running that distance round 46 – 48 minutes, but had not timed … Continue reading How Mindset Got Me A Running Personal Best

Don’t Quit

I was running the Spartan race, doing a sprint distance course.  This is about four mile, which is not a difficult feat when running on pavements.  However this was an obstacle race, so I had mud, water, hills and urm... obstacles. The obstacles were not a major problem. Neither was the mud or the water, … Continue reading Don’t Quit