Finding My Way Amongst Unassuming, Odd-Shapen Misfits and Outcasts

In this post, I share a story from my life about my teenage years - finishing school, going to sixth form college, being an awkward male with his life in front of him, but having no direction, ambition, or knowing what to do with my life. What did this average underachiever do next?

3 Wellbeing Trends Impacting Society In The Next Decade

It seems like only yesterday I stepped into my office, for the last time in 2020.  This was actually way back in March, where I had just returned to the office following leave.  On that morning I received an urgent call from my manager (who had already started working at home) telling me when I … Continue reading 3 Wellbeing Trends Impacting Society In The Next Decade

Why Self-Improvement Starts With Health…

Good day folks, I hope you are having a productive weekend. Perfect Manifesto is dedicated to discussing self-improvement – my fundamental belief is that health should always be at the foundation of this, because if you can’t manage your own physical fitness how do you expect to achieve anything else? People get into self-improvement because … Continue reading Why Self-Improvement Starts With Health…

The Battle…

The Battle... Life throws up challenges which you can either fight, endure or give up on. Dependent on the situation none of these options are necessarily a bad thing. The gym is a testing ground; it builds your character, and has been the foundation of my confidence, self-belief, determination, and persistence. I don’t know what … Continue reading The Battle…

Be the best you

I wanted to write a post today to ask a simple question: Are you being the best you? Are there things you are unsatisfied with, yet you don’t do anything about it? You tell yourself you’ll do something ‘later’, but not tonight because today has been a ‘hard day’ and you just want to just … Continue reading Be the best you

The expectant father

The expectant father This week my wife gave birth to my second daughter. As an expectant father, it's scary seeing the mother of your child in pain, as unless you happen to be a qualified midwife you can't do much to help your wife/loved one/unfortunate one night stand reach the end goal of giving birth … Continue reading The expectant father

The interview: Tell me about yourself

One of my favourite interview questions is: "So... Tell me about yourself?" I like this question, not because it's particular good or useful but because it's so vague that without prior thought and preparation it's sure to go wrong. It's certainly the best question to hear funny anecdotes of bad responses. "Yes... well... my names … Continue reading The interview: Tell me about yourself

How am I going to make someone’s life better today?

6am, the alarm on my phone plays its upbeat jingle, it's called Over the Horizon yet I don't feel like that.  Motivation to pull myself out of bed will do for the moment. Work has become very beaurcratic and process based recently.  Not surprisingly the desire to jump out of bed and go has been … Continue reading How am I going to make someone’s life better today?

How to answer the interview question – What is your weakness?

A common question asked at interviews is "What is your strength and what is your weakness?" I have heard a number of methods for answering this question and thought I would focus onthe second part of this question as usually people are quite good about talking about a particular area that they excel in. The … Continue reading How to answer the interview question – What is your weakness?

How did we all become such miserable bastards?

In the western world we live in a very privileged society.  We have safety, comfort and the freedom of leisure in ways that our ancestors never experienced. So, what I am wondering is... How did we all become such miserable bastards? I walk along the street and spot people with glum faces.  You give a … Continue reading How did we all become such miserable bastards?

Dealing with the negative

I bumped into someone from my old team the other day.  With her was my replacement who had begun the role a month ago.  I am not rude and didn't want to blank her, so I began talking to her so that she wasn't just sat back observing our conversation.  I introduced myself and asked … Continue reading Dealing with the negative

Bouncing Souls: Better Things

If you have read this blog for a while you will know that I am a big fan of the punk band - The Bouncing Souls. One of my favourite songs by them is called Better Things.  With catchy, feel good lyrics, this makes it a classic Souls anthem.  But when I first ventured into the … Continue reading Bouncing Souls: Better Things