The Battle…

Life throws up challenges which you can either fight, endure or give up on.

Dependent on the situation none of these options are necessarily a bad thing.

The gym is a testing ground; it builds your character, and has been the foundation of my confidence, self-belief, determination, and persistence.

I don’t know what man I’d have become without it.

There is not much in my life which has been a feature for 18 years, week in, week out…

During that time, I’ve shown up with willingness, and more importantly, shown up when I haven’t felt in the mood.

Every time you go to the gym, workout, you’re a winner – because you don’t have to go.

Each time you put in the effort, that’s a victory in your corner.

Whenever you show up, you’re fighting small battles against your greatest enemy – yourself.

Each time, I’ve been consistent in my habit, doing the same repetitions which would have bored thousands of others to give up long ago, all in the name of progress.

Whatever problems I experienced in life, there was always that one place to go, until I couldn’t.

This year has been a battle of personal mettle for all, we’ve had to sacrifice comforts long taken for granted, each of us as individuals challenged how we choose to react to the situation we’re in.

But I refused to let this destroy me, applying the same intensity I have when I’m under the bar to home workouts, leading my family, owning everything I do, until, eventually my place was ready to welcome me back.

I implore YOU to find something that continues to test and challenge, which you can approach with continued passion nearly two decades later.

Be better than yesterday.

James @ Perfect Manifesto

Fatherhood – Health – Self-Improvement

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3 thoughts on “The Battle…

  1. how wonderful to have something that you can build a routine around. I’m like you, but with cardio. I’ve been doing some form of cardio several times a week for years and years. I can’t imagine not doing it. I have been trying to get more into the strength training lately to supplement the cardio…
    keep doing what you do!

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    1. Thank you. I used to heavily rely on cardio when I was distance running, supplemented with a weight training routine, it gave me an advantage over a lot of runners – it worthwhile implementing either way.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I think a lot of endurance athletes are worried about strength training, but I think done the right way it can offer the advantage that you noticed in yourself…

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