Fighting the Forces of Negativity

This week has been my most testing time in my new job. I have been optimistic and upbeat since starting, but this is the first week where I seem to have been fighting the forces of negativity from all sides. With people leaving, going on holiday or being off sick, things look light on the ground. … Continue reading Fighting the Forces of Negativity

My Hell – 1 year on

It was almost a year ago when I was heading up for a crash and my life took a turn for the worse and I thought there was no escape. I even wrote a post about it called My Hell. I was truly in a sorry state - I was in no fit condition to … Continue reading My Hell – 1 year on

Sharing Dreams and Goals

Apart from writing a blog that discusses some of my dreams and goals, in the real world I have kept many of my goals secret. But why would I do such a thing? Is it because I am embarrassed by what I set?  Or is it because assume that people are quiet negative and take pleasure … Continue reading Sharing Dreams and Goals

The art of keeping an action diary

"Keep a progress/positive action diary" For my January goals I set the idea of an action diary, this would be used to log progress in achieving my goals. It is something I have debated doing since starting the site - The Manifesto of Perfection was partly inspired by a post on the Art of Manliness … Continue reading The art of keeping an action diary

3 attitudes to a better life

Life is great. Yet we take for granted the small things, such as access to education, health care and sanitation. Many of us are miserable as we express dissatisfaction in every area of are lives. I did not have a great start last year - I was miserable.  But by the end of last year … Continue reading 3 attitudes to a better life