“Keep a progress/positive action diary”

For my January goals I set the idea of an action diary, this would be used to log progress in achieving my goals.

It is something I have debated doing since starting the site – The Manifesto of Perfection was partly inspired by a post on the Art of Manliness about starting a journal.  But I realise it is not appropriate for me to write every little thing I do.

Because of this there are some thoughts I did not want to blog about, these have not been recorded and forgotten.

With all the stores selling diaries for the New Year,  I decided I would keep a record of progress.


The First Problem

The diary is  not as detailed as I would like – I mention writing thoughts and feeling down.  I can’t go into such detail.

This is a good thing, the diary helps discipline my use of words and is purely focused on my progress.

Action: If I want to go into more detail about something I will record it on a writing pad.


The Second Problem

I have found that I am not always committing to writing activities.  As a result there is a few gaps in the diary.

Action: I will fill my diary everyday, only leaving it blank if I have not actually done anything positive.

But on the Positive side

It is a helpful tool that should be in any goal makers arsenal.  The lack of space means I make a simple log of all my goals and other general positive actions.

Because of what I logged I know:

  • I have read dozens of books
  • Written a lot
  • Had a workout
  • Done something nice
  • Met requirements of a certain goal
  • Wrote ideas for a post.  One sentence about my girlfriends curiosity about what I write turned into this

Time for me to keep working towards this goal….


GOALSETTINGManifesto of Perfection – Goal Setting Month


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