4 Cool Bearded Guys

I thought I would write about some pretty cool people who inspire me.  I have been reading a few things about them recently. By some coincidence they also happen to have beards.  Does a beard make a person cool.  Who knows? Richard Branson (Business) Richard Branson is the sort of guy who can be loved … Continue reading 4 Cool Bearded Guys

Make time for your loved ones

So much to do in a day, yet so little time to work on my goals. If I have been out with Vicky, talked to my mum, gone walking with my dad or helped out my brother, I can forgive myself for shirking on my goals. "Always make time for your loved ones.  They are your … Continue reading Make time for your loved ones

The art of keeping an action diary

"Keep a progress/positive action diary" For my January goals I set the idea of an action diary, this would be used to log progress in achieving my goals. It is something I have debated doing since starting the site - The Manifesto of Perfection was partly inspired by a post on the Art of Manliness … Continue reading The art of keeping an action diary

The rise and fall of an open mic comedian

When I went to University, I was distracted by my desire to have a go at standup comedy.  During lectures I would be scribble down jokes instead of paying attention.  Eventually I had fleshed out my ideas into a five-minute set.  Was it funny?  There was only one way to find out, so I arranged my first … Continue reading The rise and fall of an open mic comedian

Having a Manifesto rational

I was browsing through the Daily Post and noticed they had a task dedicated to creating a Manifesto for your blog. Well I had to comment, as setting up a manifesto is right up my street! All blogs can be manifestos in their own way as I feel it is a clear way of setting … Continue reading Having a Manifesto rational