Apart from writing a blog that discusses some of my dreams and goals, in the real world I have kept many of my goals secret.

But why would I do such a thing?

Is it because I am embarrassed by what I set?  Or is it because assume that people are quiet negative and take pleasure in pissing on the dreams of others?

Some people may do this.  The best thing is to ignore them if they are being negative for negatives sake.  But sometimes people who are brutally honest sometimes spot the flaws in a plan.

And sharing with others may bring opportunities:

  • Providing their perspective or goals – perhaps they know a way of achieving it.  I want to advance my career, by talking to my seniors where I work I get a perspective on how they have moved up the corporate ladder.
  • Developing a support network – even if they don’t have expertise some times they are there to provide support and talk through problems/failures.  My girlfriend is someone I turn to who supports me, listens to my problems and rebuilds my confidence.
  • A friend knows a friend – I began talking about my goal to get out on my bike more, but I had so many frustrations with maintaining it.  Next thing I knew a work colleague provided me with contact details of a friend who was good with bikes – a problem shared is a problem halved.

I will be more honest with my ideas.  If anything it always makes a good conversation point.

Until next time.



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