I have had a bit of a hiatus from posting recently.

Since starting the blog I have been well disciplined to ensure that there has been new content every week (or more) because when I started I knew that I did not want to be one of the those blogs that post inconsistently and started with one of those weak, pathetic opener of:

“Sorry I haven’t post in a while guys, my life has been super hectic right now…”

Firstly because I am sure you the reader don’t give a shit what my excuse if for being lazy.

And secondly because if I started being lazy posting here it was likely that I was being lazy focusing on my goals.

I kind of made a self fulfilling prophecy in my Spring goals, maybe I set too many, maybe I have just been enjoying life too much; but I have not really progressed with my goals this time as much as I have in the past year.

Perhaps I am being harsh on myself – I have made progress in my career and fitness – though not in the way I set out.

So the first step is forgiving myself – now it is time to move forward.

What next?

My next logical step is to go back.  When I developed the categories for this site, I knew I was onto something by lumping goals into categories – but some (like Projects) where a bit flimsy so I logically would merge these goals into other areas.

Today though I want to simplify this further by having three systems (to understand what a system is read here).

The three systems are:

My Health (i.e. being fit, having good nutrition and looking after my body)

Money (i.e. moving up the career ladder, continuing my education and ensuring financial security)

Social (i.e my confidence, my relationships, travel and how I spend my social time)

My Health

Under the three categories I have lumped in the various ideas and interests that I want to pursue in relation to its system.  The idea is that it is not essential that all the smaller ideas need to be carried out on a weekly basis, just that I am being proactive to ensure that I am making some sort of progress in these three areas.

By having a system I have three broad areas of my life that I can always focus on.  Some of the ideas are more goal orientated (such as booking my next holiday).  Others are more of an ongoing system (maintain a healthy weight).

So why three?

I have not just picked three at random.  I have done a bit of reading about psychology and there seems to be something about three that the brain seems to easily grasp.

By having three areas I can easily remember so that if someone randomly asked I could give a good description – either tomorrow, next week or further into the future.  If you asked me what my Spring Goals where I could probably tell you some, but I likely don’t remember half.

Read more about psychology and the power of three here


My next step is to get this site back on track – talking more about my new approach to my goals and how I have been progressing with my training for the Spartan races.

Just remember are lives need to keep being refocused.

  • James


One thought on “System: The Power of Three

  1. Thanks for this post James.

    I feel the same about my blog and I think this is a really great idea. I notice you’ve got quite a few posts for me to read. I have reasons for my hiatus too, but as you’ve pointed out, other people don’t care. Plus, this blog is more for me than them and I’ve been lax.

    You inspire me. You’re one of the many reasons I keep coming back. Thanks for the idea. Keep ’em coming.

    Liked by 1 person

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