Gents, let’s talk about being a father to a young girl…

Gents, let’s talk about being a father to a young girl... On the lead up to the birth of my daughter, I was  asked: “You’re having a daughter?  Are you disappointed?” It was strange some assumed because of her gender this would impact how much I loved my yet to be born child. Perhaps it … Continue reading Gents, let’s talk about being a father to a young girl…


How I make the most of time

It was a regular Wednesday morning - where I always get the train to work.  The only difference was that my alarm did not go off. With 20 minutes to get ready it was a difficult task to get the train - usually it takes me at least 20 minutes alone to get ready! Almost … Continue reading How I make the most of time

How to be social

I am not a social butterfly. But I have noticed when people are better at being social at gatherings than others.  These are people I usually prefer to talk to. Be interesting If all you have to talk about is your work, a relationship or your dog then it will soon get boring.  The best … Continue reading How to be social

Love, sex and apps…

I stopped watching the Apprentice years ago because it was the same repetitive format. But I read a piece on one of the finalists business ideas and I couldn't help resist giving my opinion when it was revealed that finalist Vana Koutsomitis is a dating app called 'PlayDate'. Although the decision was most likely made months … Continue reading Love, sex and apps…

When you least expect it

When I was younger and I had insecurities and self-doubt about meeting someone, my mum would always say "You only find love when you stop looking for it" Despite my young naive age - I thought that was bullshit.  To find someone required some effort. As I spent time growing up and I experience rejection and … Continue reading When you least expect it

System: The Power of Three

I have had a bit of a hiatus from posting recently. Since starting the blog I have been well disciplined to ensure that there has been new content every week (or more) because when I started I knew that I did not want to be one of the those blogs that post inconsistently and started … Continue reading System: The Power of Three

Make time for your loved ones

So much to do in a day, yet so little time to work on my goals. If I have been out with Vicky, talked to my mum, gone walking with my dad or helped out my brother, I can forgive myself for shirking on my goals. "Always make time for your loved ones.  They are your … Continue reading Make time for your loved ones

3 great self-improvement websites

If you are like me and enjoy a lazy Sunday going on the Internet, but like to spend your time as productively as possible.  Might I suggest some website for you to visit today and why I think they are great. 1. TED I will get the obvious one out of the way.  I am … Continue reading 3 great self-improvement websites

The parents meet the parents

It has been seven months since I started a relationship. When I started writing the Manifesto of Perfection accepted that I would be spending my life alone.  My previous past experiences had put a distrust in women - so I could never see myself getting into a long term relationship. Then I met Vicky and … Continue reading The parents meet the parents

The life and mind of a perfectionist

When I was a young comic all I wanted to do is to go on stage for 5 minutes and make people laugh.  Then I thought, "Fuck that man, they better pay me."  And then they started paying me and I went, "I am better than these cunts, I'm going to be a headliner" I … Continue reading The life and mind of a perfectionist