Take the real world offline challenge!

This has been a good week!

I’ve been off work and utilised my free time spending it with my family.

My intention was to spend a bit more on writing, but that didn’t work out as I felt more driven to spend time offline, focus on my family and make the most of these irreplaceable moments.

So, I haven’t worked on a more detailed post, but my digital detox got me thinking about the importance of switching off to make memories and real life connections.

Therefore I challenge you dear reader to take the real world offline challenge!

What is it?

It’s pretty simple and not too onerous.

Just try implementing one or more of the following actions this week:

Technology bans/reduced usage (good habits):

  • Take a day off from all social media / using tech
  • Put your phone in a draw upstairs on an evening, work on making this a regular habit and talk with your significant other
  • Ban the use of technology on meals out

Do more of the following:

  • Walk, go the gym (or any other physical activity)
  • Play board/card games
  • Write by pen and paper only
  • Try something new (get family involved if appropriate)


  • Call your mum and say you love her
  • Make those plans with friends you’ve been putting off for ages
  • Play with your children
  • Kiss your wife

That’s pretty much it!

If you have any other suggestions of great things to do offline, please do post them below.

And if you are looking for more of my writing…

I recently made my debut writing for Tribe Media a newsletter with articles from a range of talented writers regularly contributing on the subjects of addictionrecovery and mindset.

If that sound of interested, please do sign-up below:

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...and if you are wanting a taster on the types of content I will be writing you can read my first article: Be Cool – Develop Resilience to Pressure Now!

Thanks and have a great week!


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