Protecting Your Mental Health During A Pandemic

It’s been nearly a year since the world was put on lockdown for the first time. Quite unbelievable that 11 months later we’re still in the same place as we were back then, if not worse.

Lockdown fatigue is setting in and more people than ever are feeling very discouraged, unmotivated and depressed. Since the end doesn’t seem to be near, I’d like to share with you my best tips for protecting your mental health during this pandemic.

Campaign for Using Smartphones Smarter…

If you worked in a job with an overly demanding colleague, would you drop everything your currently working on to meet their requests? No? Then why do we act like this when it comes to our smartphones? I’ve been looking around at recent stats, and although I’ve found varying accounts, it seems like the average … Continue reading Campaign for Using Smartphones Smarter…

How to be a Better Human in 2021

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What We Consume…

Always remember what you consume has an impact on your mindset. If you are constantly surrounded by messages telling you why everything is bad, why you are not good enough, then you start to believe it. Some deliberately push these messages of negativity to target your insecurities and then try to profit from your misery … Continue reading What We Consume…

Fatima Gets a Job in Cyber Security: The Nation Loses its Mind!

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All the Unseen…

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Does Your Child Have a Technology Addiction?

Apps, games and videos on devices are designed to keep you scrolling. As an adult it’s easier for us to be more self-aware of how much time we are spending looking at our smartphones. But for a child they can struggle to recognise when it’s time to put the iPad down without adult intervention. Perhaps … Continue reading Does Your Child Have a Technology Addiction?

Digital Consumption Dilemma

The age of digital media has shifted how we consume almost everything. From sex to texts, everything can be had at the push of a button. Most worrying though, is the unhealthy obsessions and addictions that have been formed from this instant gratification culture. Multimillion dollar corporations have cleverly designed & engineered a variety of … Continue reading Digital Consumption Dilemma

Take the Real World Offline Challenge! (Infographic)

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Keep your sanity in COVID-19 isolation

This week lockdown was announced in the UK, meaning more time spent at home. Today's post give some advice to protect your mental health, wellbeing and sanity during COVID-19. Avoid speculation and suspicious sources Social media is full of bleak conspiracy theories, speculation and erroneous information – in this time don’t use it to seek … Continue reading Keep your sanity in COVID-19 isolation

Everyone’s catching it, no not coronavirus… first fever

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