The Customer is always right

I used to volunteer as a manager at Oxfam.

One day a customer was arguing the toss on getting a discount on the set price.

This was normal practice in the shop as everyone who tried to haggle had the same argument

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How did we all become such miserable bastards?

In the western world we live in a very privileged society.  We have safety, comfort and the freedom of leisure in ways that our ancestors never experienced.

So, what I am wondering is…

How did we all become such miserable bastards?

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The Assertive Rules List

To meet my need to be more assertive, I decided to develop a list of rules that I will follow to ensure that I am not being a pushover.

These are quite personal to me and is a guideline on how to put being assertive into practice.

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Average Seeks Perfection

Average Seeks Perfection: This has not been my first efforts with blogging.  I actually created something called Average Seeks Perfection.  In many ways it’s pretty much similar to this blog except it focused on fitness goals.

Another underlying purpose of the blog was to bring out the narrative of my search for someone special.  In many ways in my head it was like a blogging version of a Hollywood Rom-com:

“Girl next door type meets an average guy obsessed with perfection.”

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Last chance man and the good woman

He met her a while ago, where for years he had developed an on-again, of again attraction to her dependent on his mood, what she was wearing, what she said, or how much he’d had to drink.

The last time they met he realised how great she was, even though deep down he knew if things went up a level, it wouldn’t last. Continue reading “Last chance man and the good woman”