Gents, let’s talk about being a father to a young girl…

Gents, let’s talk about being a father to a young girl... On the lead up to the birth of my daughter, I was  asked: “You’re having a daughter?  Are you disappointed?” It was strange some assumed because of her gender this would impact how much I loved my yet to be born child. Perhaps it … Continue reading Gents, let’s talk about being a father to a young girl…


Writing your life story

I have started writing my life story. Just by writing that statement it feels strange and narcissistic.  To write your life story you have to be a celebrity or achieve something right? But I have been motivated to do this indirectly by family. I was over at my grandfather's listening to his old stories - … Continue reading Writing your life story

The Best Revenge

Writing this blog gives me a lot of opportunity to reflect on my life - I have referred to it many times as "free therapy" because just by writing through my problems, reflecting and explaining what I intended to do has helped me get through some tough times. I sometimes come across unwanted reflection as I start … Continue reading The Best Revenge

How much do you bench?

How much do you bench? That is a question that always makes me cringe.  If we ignore the basic functionality of the bench press (how often do you lift a heavy item off your chest) - it usually illustrates to me that the person asking the question: Lacks gym/weight lifting experience - non-regular gym goers … Continue reading How much do you bench?

The Priority Levels

As I get older I realise how much my priorities in life have been all out of whack. I have done a lot of reading about successful people and I notice a general trend of how they prioritise their own lives. Themselves Because if they are not fully functioning (health, work, sanity...) how can they begin … Continue reading The Priority Levels

The parents meet the parents

It has been seven months since I started a relationship. When I started writing the Manifesto of Perfection accepted that I would be spending my life alone.  My previous past experiences had put a distrust in women - so I could never see myself getting into a long term relationship. Then I met Vicky and … Continue reading The parents meet the parents

The cruel conflict of freedom

Freedom is cruel, for every choice we make to be free the decision makes us less free in other aspects of our life. The man who does not work has the freedom of time, , to see family, or to calmly observe his world. But he loses the freedom of capital, unlike the man who … Continue reading The cruel conflict of freedom