It’s not often a blogger will remember or even keep themselves accountable to a post they wrote three months ago, never mind seven years.

Which is why I enjoy this post from Borden’s Blather

Anyone who has been blogging for a long time knows, how much your ideas and perspectives change.

Jim reflects on his second post from 2015 where he talks about finding his passion. I think that is what resonates with me – so many of us don’t know what our passion is, that it’s a life long journey, that even with years we still are not always sure.

I’ve often thought about the question Jim poses “what would you do if money were no object”

Many of you would be disappointed with my answer – I’d probably do much of nothing, at least in my work, because the reason many of us pursue a career path is in a quest to find work that satisfies, while also paying the bills.

I think most of all, after reading self-improvement content for years, it’s refreshing to see someone honestly say they haven’t found their passion, and not sure even in another seven years time if they will!.

Please do take the time to read Jim’s post, it offers good insights.

James @Perfect Manifesto

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