With the serious nature of my last post I’ve decided to take a break from posting new articles for the rest of August.

Rather than go quiet for the next few weeks, I wanted to take the time to share a couple of great blog posts I’ve enjoyed this year that fit in well with the type of stuff I share on Perfect Manifesto.

As someone who struggles with self-promotion, I enjoyed this post from Songs and Scripts and Dinking Biscuits

I got into a discussion with the author Paul on one of my posts: The Humble Person’s Guide to Hype and Self-Promotion

We both shared a similiar attribute – both finding it difficult to promote our creative works without feeling that we are blatantly self-promoting.

I liked reading Paul’s perspective as a singer song writer talking about the challenge of putting the time into developing the song, but when it comes time to promote, feeling apprehensive about it.

This stuck with me, making me aware of my own feelings when writing blogs where I’m conscious people are thinking “I don’t care, go away!”

Please do take the time to read Paul’s thoughts, and drop a comment. For anyone hesitant to self-promote their creative work, I’m sure you’ll be able to relate.

James @Perfect Manifesto

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Songs and Scripts and Dunking Biscuits: The Fear of Self-Promotion For The Constantly Nervous