Other Posts I Like: Self-Promotion For The Constantly Nervous

Do you struggle with self-promotion? Do you feel awkward or anxious when it comes to celebrating or sharing your good work? Have a read of this great post...

If They Can Do It, So Can You!

Do you feel afraid when putting content online? You worry that people will laugh or worse no one will care at all? This post explores the risk/reward of being willing to put your content out there.

Perfect Manifesto Highlights: March, 2021

Welcome to the Perfect Manifesto post highlights for March, 2021. This months image features David Goggins, an endurance athlete, public speaker and retired US. Navy SEAL. I first discovered David through Instagram where he would often be shouting motivational advice, while on a long distance run. This has really inspired my mindset - his don't … Continue reading Perfect Manifesto Highlights: March, 2021

The Humble Person’s Guide to Hype and Self-Promotion

When it comes to personal attributes, bragging is not a revered trait.  Several years ago I wrote the post How do you handle a bragger?, which has experienced continued traffic over the years, from people I can assume seeking coping strategies to deal with a boastful colleague, relative or friend.  In my own upbringing, I’ve … Continue reading The Humble Person’s Guide to Hype and Self-Promotion