Other Posts I Like: Self-Promotion For The Constantly Nervous

Do you struggle with self-promotion? Do you feel awkward or anxious when it comes to celebrating or sharing your good work? Have a read of this great post...

The Introverts Guide To Survive The First Year At University

The first day…  “What the hell have I let myself in for?...”  Here I was, a quiet, shy, introvert, living his first day, of the university experience – and I hated it…  I’d left my safe boring job, and my safe quiet home, to move into a pokey student terrace house sharing the space with … Continue reading The Introverts Guide To Survive The First Year At University

Office Etiquette – It’s ok to…

Saw this kicking about. Thought it was nice reassurance for working in an office to show that doing these things are ok...

Dreams and Reality

Many years ago I bought a guitar.  This decision was motivated about dreaming of playing in a band. I never wanted to be the lead singer, but be the cool, sullen guitarist, who stood in the background, but was the real talent that carried the band.  Being the hardworking, introvert really appealed to me. But … Continue reading Dreams and Reality

How to win friends and influence people

I have recently read the book How to Win Friends and Influence People - a book that is probably one of the most famous self-improvement books ever published. From reading a number of self-improvement or business books, at some point How to Win Friends... is usually referenced at some point, but despite this I had never bothered … Continue reading How to win friends and influence people

The Tower

It took me ages to find the venue for my interview. I made the mistake of walking to the venue on a hot summers day in my finest suit.  When I arrived I was hot and sweaty.  I made a focused effort to keep my arms down so that they would not see the sweat that … Continue reading The Tower