From Pushover to Powerhouse: How To Be More Assertive

Back in the day Perfect Manifesto was used more as a place I would use to document and keep accountable on a wide range of goals. One of those big ambitions was to improve my assertiveness, this article I wrote way back when – How not to be a pushover discusses this problem. As I … Continue reading From Pushover to Powerhouse: How To Be More Assertive

The Magic Pill

What’s the worst supplement you’ve ever had? That’s a really a good question… It could be the amino acids I bought because I read an article in Men’s Health talking how good they are for muscle building. So I went and bought some tablets, but they were too large to swallow and left a horrible … Continue reading The Magic Pill

How far we’ve come…

Reflection is a beneficial practice. Taking the time to sit down to examine your progress and achievements is useful for realising how far you’ve come. You’ll feel a growing sense of gratitude, when you recognise all the things in your life you have. It’s a powerful feeling knowing a lot of things you have now … Continue reading How far we’ve come…

The long game

Recently I was engaged in an interesting conversation with a young gym goer around his dissatisfaction with his progress. There’d been good beginner gains during in his first year, but was now at a point of stagnation where progress suddenly wasn’t so visible. He was obsessed with getting bigger, but muscle growth takes time – with his youthful impatience … Continue reading The long game

Let’s talk about passive aggression towards men’s mental health

It was another day at the office, as I prepared my morning breakfast I got involved in the usual kitchen conversations: “Did you hear about Mike?” Ellie my colleague asked, with a touch of sneer in her voice “…he’s quit to go work helping men or something…” Ellie gave a smirk, the type you give … Continue reading Let’s talk about passive aggression towards men’s mental health

Tracking and achieving small goals

Tracking and achieving small goals I have a little blue book.  This is used to log small and what you might call insignificant goals - little day-to-day must do tasks one always has a habit putting off to pursue more exciting things. The book is priceless for the peace of mind it creates not having … Continue reading Tracking and achieving small goals

A life without gain

A life without gain Many people are content to operate their life like a twig in the ocean, going with the flow to see where each ‘wave’ takes them. This was my life occasionally enjoying the occasional victories, but without having defined objectives, I couldn’t utilise them and was unable to achieve my desires. To … Continue reading A life without gain

Making the Twitter fitness community work for you

Making the Twitter fitness community work for you I get lots of value from fitness Twitter - it's been an invaluable resource to motivate me to the strongest I've ever been. Not only have I learnt new ideas and concepts, it's helped me join the dots - my knowledge of the gym has been built … Continue reading Making the Twitter fitness community work for you

Gym vision: stronger by the day

In 2019 I convert my mish mash of ever changing gym goals into one simple vision: "Get strong as fuck..." One of my biggest gym mistakes is I have had 100% clarity what I want to get out of going to the gym. Do I want to be strong?Do I want to bit fit?Be able … Continue reading Gym vision: stronger by the day

Competition in the work place

I really love my job, it is probably the best one I have ever had. It is strange because when I got the new job it was a step up from the old one.  I have more responsibility and more money.  But unlike my other job I am back at the bottom - basically I … Continue reading Competition in the work place

Focus on routine

If you want to see improvement in your life, the most essential thing that you need to do is ensure you stick to a regular routine "The secret of your future is hidden in your daily routine" Mike Murdock One of my biggest mistakes with training at the gym is that I constantly would change … Continue reading Focus on routine

On confidence

Over the last several years I have been on a mission to increase my confidence.  I am better than I used to be but still have some bad habits.  Until recently I was blissfully unaware until I got some feedback from my last job interview "you know your stuff but you need to show more … Continue reading On confidence