The Best Revenge


Writing this blog gives me a lot of opportunity to reflect on my life – I have referred to it many times as “free therapy” because just by writing through my problems, reflecting and explaining what I intended to do has helped me get through some tough times.

I sometimes come across unwanted reflection as I start to dig deeper and I get that horrible twitch in my head of when I have been truly wronged. Continue reading

How I make the most of time

It was a regular Wednesday morning – where I always get the train to work.  The only difference was that my alarm did not go off.

With 20 minutes to get ready it was a difficult task to get the train – usually it takes me at least 20 minutes alone to get ready!


Almost defeated I was ready to roll over and go back to bed.  Then something in my head said Come on if you are quick you can do this!”

I jumped out of bed, cleaned myself up, threw all my things in my bag, grabbed some breakfast and drove down to the station.  When I arrived I expected to be making a mad dash for the train.  I checked my watch – I had 2 minutes to spare.

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How to be social

I am not a social butterfly.

But I have noticed when people are better at being social at gatherings than others.  These are people I usually prefer to talk to.

Be interesting

If all you have to talk about is your work, a relationship or your dog then it will soon get boring.  The best way to resolve this is to have a healthy range of interests.  Otherwise people find excuses to avoid spending time with you.

It is also worth being careful on repeating your anecdotes, as I witnessed someone in my travels in Canada tell the same story of all their amazing experiences (all 3) several times. Continue reading

Sharing Dreams and Goals

Apart from writing a blog that discusses some of my dreams and goals, in the real world I have kept many of my goals secret.

But why would I do such a thing?

Is it because I am embarrassed by what I set?  Or is it because assume that people are quiet negative and take pleasure in pissing on the dreams of others? Continue reading

Friends and Self-Improvement

“Birds of a feather flock together” Friends are the biggest influence in our lives, even more than family. If you don’t believe me, look at many school reports for badly behaved children.  They will be full of things like: He … Continue reading

Watch less than two hours of TV a week

In my January goals update I set myself the challenge to watch only two hours of TV a week. Progress As things stand, it looks pretty good, I no longer ‘marathon’ TV boxsets of shows I must watch. And I limit myself to … Continue reading

The Resolution Overview 23-10-2014

As I begin working on my post mid-year resolutions I decided I really need to keep a record of how I am meeting these goals.  So I decided to write an overview every so often to detail how I was getting on and talking about site stuff in general. Continue reading

Stop looking after my friends so much

I set some post mid year resolutions because I wanted to get my self-improvement goals back on track after a slump. I detail how I will go about achieving my goal using SMART objectives, with a contingency plan for if I am not able to do this

Why have I set this?

During my birthday I shared my Blackpool story with a mutual friend.  They helped me reach peace with the endless guilt I had felt all those years.

I realised that generally – I carry my friends too much.  I constantly find jobs for them to apply for that they never bother to do, I pay for drinks and meals because I make more money than them, which I only do because I am willing to work harder and I go out of my way to give them lifts. Continue reading

The Post mid Year Resolutions

The Manifesto was inspired by New Years resolution goals, with the aim of making my hopes, dreams and targets a reality.  This blog was here to log my progress and keep me accountable.

Today I am being accountable – I have lost focus, with the pressure of work, the nights getting darker and time spent with the new girlfriend I have found my self-improvement goals have suffered

So I came up with a list of things I want to do:

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The Game of Thrones and the Laws of Power: Law 2

For anyone who has read a Song of Ice and Fire or watched Game of Thrones.  One of the main themes is about power – various players vie for control of the kingdom of Westeros (or at least become a powerful player).

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