It was almost a year ago when I was heading up for a crash and my life took a turn for the worse and I thought there was no escape.

I even wrote a post about it called My Hell.

I was truly in a sorry state – I was in no fit condition to work, so the only thing to turn to was keeping fit and the prospect of a new relationship.

One year on I can’t even begin to explain how happy I am, my life has gradually changed in so many ways.

This was thanks to the love and support of my true friends who stuck by me when I fell down and also my own determination to say that I was not going to live like that anymore.

I was going to make real improvements in my life and attempt to utilise each day.

Now I am in a good place –  I have a steady, stable relationship that I never thought I would have, a good job, great friends who will be there till the end and a car that has made me independent more than I ever realised.

I have learnt to love myself, be grateful for the positives in my life and make the most of life – even when it gets tough I am seeing the benefit.

There will always be someone or something that brings you down, the question is are you going to take it or will you fight back?

Wishing you all the best

Till next time


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