6am, the alarm on my phone plays its upbeat jingle, it’s called Over the Horizon yet I don’t feel like that.  Motivation to pull myself out of bed will do for the moment.

Work has become very beaurcratic and process based recently.  Not surprisingly the desire to jump out of bed and go has been impacted.

The eagerness for progression made me blind to where I was going – in the backroom I have lost the satisfaction of seeing the benefits from the work I do.  I sigh thinking about the meeting I am going to have today where we are discussing how to reorganise the teams filing structure.

Bored, I can’t go on like this.  Then a random thought came through my head – perhaps it’s from my assertiveness training or ability to exercise positive thinking but I thought:

“How am I going to make someone’s life better today?”

Instantly motivation came over me to do something more than feel sorry for myself.  I’ve been thinking about setting up some training in SharePoint at work for a while now, but I kept telling myself it was stupid, I didn’t know enough.

Now I tell myself it isn’t – I have the skills to make someone’s life better.  Even if it is just making their ability to manage files easier by introducing them to the world of metadata.

But it also doesn’t have to be at work, it can be anytime with anyone – how I can help my wife, call a family member, call a friend…

Perhaps even by writing this I have made your life better even for 10 minutes as you think “That’s a good idea!  How can I make someone’s life better today?”

And so the motion of goodwill and selflessness continues.

I think clearer now.

I sit up straight in my chair and smile at people walking past.

I look people in their eyes and notice what colour they are for the first time ever.

I ask them how they are and I genuinely mean it.

Today is a good day.

4 thoughts on “How am I going to make someone’s life better today?

  1. Have you read the book ‘fish’ ot is an extremely quick read. And there is who moved my cheese.

    But one thing is gor sure work will keeping doing this kinda stuff..one moment great and next a bit blah and next oh man…

    But you are totally right in this post it is what you do with it. Sometimes i deliberately become single minded focus on the task and do it well and keep in touch with the polictics but dont let it get to me cause there more to life. But i must say ot is easier to because i am part time i meditate every day and i do volunteer work twice a week and read stuff thats grets me positive… but i totally your post cause i have been there many a time in the past.


    1. Not read either of them.
      I have been dragged down by politics but keep out of it not as I have no control over it.

      Glad you have ways of keeping positive – volunteering is great!

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  2. Thanks for the comment. True it helps to have a purpose sometimes it’s knowing what that purpose is and other times its there – you just have to remind yourself of it 🙂

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