Dear Parents, You’re Doing A Better Job Than You Think

If you're a parent you probably have high expectations in your abilities. But you can't get it right all the time. This post is for the parents who are too hard on themselves.

6 Tips for the First Time Father 

Becoming a father is the greatest privilege a man can experience.  Feeling the warm delicate skin press against you for the first time is a humbling moment.  And as you feel tiny laboured breathes and a small hand grasping around your finger, it’s a moving feeling to think “Wow, this little person came from me!...”  … Continue reading 6 Tips for the First Time Father 

Having a Bad Day…

It felt like we’d spent more than a life time's worth of visits to the accident and emergency unit this year.  My eyes became heavy, and my head thumped from dehydration.   Meanwhile my youngest, sat upright on my knee, watching over the waiting room like a sentinel, as she rested the back of her delicate … Continue reading Having a Bad Day…

How Busy Dads Can Balance Goals

Can you believe I've been a dad for three years. It only seems like yesterday I welcomed my first child into the world - I didn't have a clue what I was doing and had constant anxiety that everything small thing I did would have an impact on my child forever. One of the biggest … Continue reading How Busy Dads Can Balance Goals

Putting It All into Perspective…

Obtaining a fancy sounding job title will never beat the role of being a father. Having an abundance of wealth in your bank account doesn’t measure up to the love your family provide. A high social media follow count means nothing compared to the feeling of making real life, daily connections. Smashing personal bests in … Continue reading Putting It All into Perspective…

Does Your Child Have a Technology Addiction?

Apps, games and videos on devices are designed to keep you scrolling. As an adult it’s easier for us to be more self-aware of how much time we are spending looking at our smartphones. But for a child they can struggle to recognise when it’s time to put the iPad down without adult intervention. Perhaps … Continue reading Does Your Child Have a Technology Addiction?

The Parenting Gap / The Parenting Trap

According to the latest research, from the Institute for Fiscal Studies, mums appear to have been doing most of the housework and childcare during lockdown.

With today’s post I wanted to discuss the main theme from this research – a sense of fairness balancing child care duties in a relationship against the day job.

Is it possible to manage it all?

The Way of Dad: What Does it ACTUALLY Mean to be a Father?

It’s over five months since my second daughter decided to grace us all with the pleasure of joining us in this beautiful universe. This made me contemplate – what does it actually mean to be a father? When you have your first child, you quickly realise they don’t come with instructions - no matter how … Continue reading The Way of Dad: What Does it ACTUALLY Mean to be a Father?

Be the hero they see

Good day to you all, hope you are keeping sane. With isolation and no gym I've taken the opportunity to get my garden in order. It's not always easy as I'd much rather spend the time with my children than working alone outside. The other day my daughter sat down to watch the latest Secret … Continue reading Be the hero they see

Three ways to invest in your child

As a father we have an essential role to play in supporting the development and growth of our children, until they reach a point of becoming a functioning adult responsible for making their own decisions. There are 3 ways we can invest in their development: Your health Wealth Time Your health Children follow by example, … Continue reading Three ways to invest in your child

Old habits die hard

As a new chapter begins in my journey of being a father to two children, a week has gone so quickly. A goal I vowed to follow was to not let this wonderful change stop me indulging in my old habits - writing and hitting the gym. It goes without saving, having a child is … Continue reading Old habits die hard

The expectant father

The expectant father This week my wife gave birth to my second daughter. As an expectant father, it's scary seeing the mother of your child in pain, as unless you happen to be a qualified midwife you can't do much to help your wife/loved one/unfortunate one night stand reach the end goal of giving birth … Continue reading The expectant father