When I woke up and realised that I had gained a lot of weight, I knew it wasn’t going to be easy – I didn’t have that same motivation or self-control and I certainly wasn’t as fit as I used to be.

I had gone up to 14 stone 6 lbs (91.4 kg).   This shocked me and I vowed to step-up my exercise and look after myself better.  So since the middle of February I have probably being a bit too obsessive about my weight loss.

Originally I was jumping on the scales more or less everyday, even though I knew that this was the wrong thing to do.

I realised this was a waste of time, so left the weigh in as a once a week activity when I would measure my Fit Quest testing at the gym.  As you can see from the image below I experienced a gradual weigh loss from February to March.

With that I became confident I would have dropped a full stone and been 13 stone 6 lbs by the middle of May.



Note: I only started weighing myself regularly after I had topped 91.4kg (14 stone 6 lbs)

As you can see – something went wrong in May.  Despite a 4/5 times a week gym routine the weight started to creep back on and toward the end of May I got back to that 14 stone 1 lbs mark (89kg).

At first I was mortified.

In reflection I am okay about it.  Everyday at work I walk up eight flights of stairs to get to my desk and over time this simple fitness test has become less of a struggle.

In the gym I was lifting heavy weight – I had just managed to reach back to my old Bench Press personal best (which even at peak fitness I could not do) and was seeing gradual improvement on my ATF (arse-to-floor) squats.

Looking at myself in the mirror I was looking slimmer and my arms were starting to get some muscular definition back.  So I decided to stop sweating about my lack of weight loss so much and appreciated the other benefits.

I am confident I will start dropping weight again, I just need to maintain more self-control with eating and dedicate a bit more time to cardio.

My aim is to get to 12 stone 1 lbs (76.6kg) by November when I get married.  But if I don’t achieve this I won’t sweat it, I’ll just appreciate the improvements I make in that time.

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