Sweating over weight loss

When I woke up and realised that I had gained a lot of weight, I knew it wasn't going to be easy - I didn't have that same motivation or self-control and I certainly wasn't as fit as I used to be. I had gone up to 14 stone 6 lbs (91.4 kg).   This … Continue reading Sweating over weight loss

10 Reasons To Run-Cycle Outdoors

I have recently got into doing more outdoor cardio. I have found myself a number of times sitting/standing in a fixed position looking at: Mirror image of myself Uninspiring motivational poster/advert Boring view of the gym car park This was all something that made gym cardio really tedious, hardwork.  This resulted in a significant reduction in … Continue reading 10 Reasons To Run-Cycle Outdoors

I Hate (Gym) Cardio

I really can't pin down the point when I decided that I hated gym cardio. It could have been when I got my foot injury and had to lay off the running - instead sacrificing the outdoors for staring at the wall on a cross trainer for 30 minutes. Or if as my life became … Continue reading I Hate (Gym) Cardio

Back to the gym

Out with the old... I first noticed signs of a foot injury in August. I started my new job in January. These were my two main reasons I decided to quit my old gym two months ago. Before that my gym workouts had been quite sporadic. Because of being lazy and the time off I have lost … Continue reading Back to the gym

Insanity Fitness Test template – Regaining my fitness

Starting Insanity? Download the Insanity Fitness Template that I designed to keep record and mark changes From fat to fit to unfit Due to injuries, an increasing social life and changing jobs.  I have not made much time for the gym. As a result my fitness has gone downhill - for someone who could do … Continue reading Insanity Fitness Test template – Regaining my fitness

What’s Better? Being Big Or Being Strong?

I notice an emphasis on being 'big' on various fitness blogs. I understand that us men have fragile egos and what better way to make a statement than becoming a big badass motherfucker like you see on the front of Flex magazine. For the weight training beginner the logic is: big = lift heavier And … Continue reading What’s Better? Being Big Or Being Strong?