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From fat to fit to unfit

Due to injuries, an increasing social life and changing jobs.  I have not made much time for the gym.

As a result my fitness has gone downhill – for someone who could do 5k in 19 minutes it’s a struggle.

And due to the new job I am currently gym-less as I find one I like and convenient to my location.

Insanity DVD

About 18 months ago I was lent the Insanity DVD – a really intense workout in the form of a course of exercise DVDs.

Because I was in the peak of my fitness – going to the gym, running and cycling.  I gave it a go for three days before accepting my muscles needed more rest in between of my next workout.

The Insanity DVDs stayed in my wardrobe and I have not been asked for them back yet so it made sense – I wanted to get my fitness back and it was convenient to fit into my day.

Day 1 – Fitness Test

The start of the Insanity Course is to measure your fitness.  This is done by recording how many you can do of certain exercises.  I lost my original sheet, but know I managed to get through it without taking any rest until required.

This time I needed to rest a lot more and take into consideration some injuries.  Although I don’t have my previous scores I can confidently say that I am not as fit as I was.

The Course

With every Insanity DVD pack you are given some sheets to tick off each day you do and record your fitness scores.  I decided to make an excel spreadsheet as I didn’t want to write on someone else’s property.

Here is how I did

Exercise Fitness Test 1
1. Switch Kicks 52
2. Power Jacks 43
3. Power Knees 60
4. Power Jumps 42
5. Globe Jumps 28
6. Suicide Jumps 15
7. Push up-Jacks 18
8. Low Plank Oblique 40

My aim for 2 weeks time is to increase these scores by 10%.

Certain exercises such as power jumps and suicide jumps I altered to protect my foot injury – so I would have less if I had done the full movement.

I will be fit again, or Insanity will kill me first!

If you are starting on Insanity and want to keep record of your results safe on your computer – download my template here.  It keeps record of your results, lets you make notes on your performance, records percentage improvement and shows a graph of your progress.

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5 thoughts on “Insanity Fitness Test template – Regaining my fitness

  1. hang in there. Did you watch the PBS special on cancer? My mother had double radicals. She only lived 18 months after the operation. Long enough to see me get through HS and into the service. I can’t believe how they hurt her.

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  2. Reblogged this on So, I Read This Book Today and commented:
    My ass is spreading…. w.i.d.e….. after chemo, radiation, heart and lung issues (from the chemo) I have been spreading every which way. And boy, does spreading out mean that breathing is hard sometimes! So, I have started slow, but a bit of Insanity might be something I can work up to – but for right now, sticking with the Yoga! 😉


    1. For me, you have put things into perspective for me when I am complaining about my fitness after a little foot injury! I wish you best in your journey back to good health and fitness, yoga is a great way to start.

      Finally thank you for the reblog. James x

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I am glad you posted that. Getting back in shape is a bear, and knowing there are others going through the same struggle to take off the weight and get fit encourages us to keep working on it!

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