I really can’t pin down the point when I decided that I hated gym cardio.

It could have been when I got my foot injury and had to lay off the running – instead sacrificing the outdoors for staring at the wall on a cross trainer for 30 minutes.

Or if as my life became busier I had less time for gym that I started to focus on the stuff I really got the most value from (e.g weights).

I realise that I don’t want to spend an hour inside a building that has machines that simulates running, cycling or rowing and at the end I am in the same spot.

I don’t want to spend an hour + in the gym doing cardio.

To be honest I find doing 25 minutes gym cardio followed by weights is still too much indoor cardio.

A five minute warm-up is enough.  But I still find that boring.

As a result my cardio has been suffering for a while.  I went out on my bike for the first time since moving the other day and although I was not as fit as I was, I realised how much I do enjoy cardio when you get to explore and see scenery (even if it is cycling round the streets of a Northern town).

The rain came out and hit my face and the cold really hit my lungs.  But it was so much enjoyable than sitting on a spin bike trying to occupy boredom by watching whatever trash was on the gyms TV.

I do want to get out more, but the main barrier is finding time.  In the winter it is usually dark before I go to work and when I come home.  Going out in the pitch black does not appeal to me both for lazy and safety reasons.

So here are some ideas I have for getting a more ‘natural’ cardio on.

  • Make a point of having a long (1 hour+) outdoor cardio of running and/or cycling.
  • Leave my car at home – cycle to the train station and lock my bike up at work.
  • Make a point of going for walks at lunchtime.
  • Take the stairs at work (all eight flights).
  • Really, really force myself to go out for some evening cardio – even if it is only going round the block (and ensure safety – helmet, high vis clothing and mobile phone.
  • Do indoor cardio that is interesting!

My aim is that by improving my cardio fitness regime in the winter, it won’t be such as struggle when the days start getting lighter.

4 thoughts on “I hate (gym) cardio

  1. I feel your pain. The only way I can put up with the Godforsaken trainer is to understand that trying to play catch up come springtime sucks even more than indoor cardio!

    1. My only solution is listen to have motivational music. But it has to be constant and then I don’t really like damaging my ears…

  2. I agree completely. I even took a walk in a blizzard a couple of years ago rather than go to the health club. There is no question about it – you are better off out in the air. I have written about this more than once in my blog.

    1. Thanks for the response Tony. I always remember going for a run in the pouring rain and afterwards it made me feel great. I will make sure to keep reading your blog as the content is right up my street. James

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