I used to be angry

But then I thought “What do I have to be angry about?”

I live in one of the most privileged countries in the world.

My home is safe from natural disaster and hostile people.

I have an education that was free till I was 18, then I had the choice to go learn more or get a job – of which there are plenty.

There are many opportunities around me to pursue various leisure interests, learn new things and have unforgettable experience

I work a relatively safe job, where the only risk to my health is getting too fat.

My job may be repetitive but it is reliable, secure and gives me financing to pursue all the other stuff I really want to do.

My society encourages women to be beautiful and there is no punishment for sex out of wedlock.

Public transport is readily available, but I am so impatient I got a car, meaning that the whole country is open to me for easy access.

My biggest money worry is that I may not have enough money at the end of the month to put in a savings account.

I have a small but loyal group of friends and my family are nice and compared to others my life is relatively dull.


I have nothing to be angry about, and because of this I am happy.


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