Investing in the stock market for the first time: a retrospective (Part 1)

Investing in the stock market: the risk-averse saver

I have always been a good saver and back in the pre-recession days (of 2007) I enjoyed the benefits of getting a whopping 6% interest.  Not bad for low/no risk investment.

But since the crash, rates have never recovered and you are lucky to get a saver that offers 1.5 percent.  I felt like I was being punished for being a saver – watching my money gradually lose value against the rate of inflation.  I decided rather than blaming the system, I should start pursuing other options.

The stock market always made me feel a touch cautious, the fact that money I invested – my hard earned money, could be less or even disappear completely was daunting.

The media didn’t help either, quick to report when the share prices dropped (but not so much when it recovered) and trading websites were overloaded with ‘expert’ analysts using confusing terminology saying why a stock was a poor investment, it all seemed confusing.

I decided after sitting on the fence to make a relatively small investment that would not impact my life if things were to go bad.  And with that, I made the jump into the world of investing.

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Starting an Emergency Fund

moneyLast year I was struggling financially.

It is not that I am a spender, it just seemed that suddenly I had a load of costs that came out of nowhere –

I dropped my phone down the toilet and had to buy a cheap replacement, a friend was getting married at an expensive hotel, I had just bought a car and I was still in the early days of a relationship so had spent a lot of money going out on dates.

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