How to keep your goals simple

The Internet really over complicates goal setting. If it is not recommending the 'best' app to record your goals, it offers a platitude of content at the users' disposal.  Many a cunning person has exploited this, as if by applying a monetary value their advice is seen more impactful, when it is just another piece … Continue reading How to keep your goals simple

Habits you should adopt

This post was originally posted on April 2014 Additional note: It's interesting to go back through my old posts to see how my writing has changed, reading it can be a bit embarrassing but I guess it shows I have changed and evolved... Life is short, some people choose to waste their free time doing much … Continue reading Habits you should adopt

Use SMART objectives to achieve your goals

The most common about approach to setting successful goals are usually the best and I am sure that you have heard of SMART objectives. But I don’t like to assume - if you have been hiding under a rock, here is what they mean: S – Specific To be specific about what the goal is, … Continue reading Use SMART objectives to achieve your goals

Simplify your goals – Do, Doing and Done

I admit, I probably enjoy planning my goals a bit too much.  Sometimes I feel like I do too much planning and need to just get on with it. So I welcome ways that make planning goals easier. Working in project management I handle plans daily.  I see GANTT charts that detail a projects progress … Continue reading Simplify your goals – Do, Doing and Done

How to set goals

As I start off goal setting month, the best place to start is from the beginning, as I show how I set goals.  If you have never done this before get a sheet of paper and write down what you want to achieve. Simplicity On the paper you will have a variety of ambitions.  Some … Continue reading How to set goals

It’s Friday! Wear a pocket square.

I love suits. But this time last year I got the best bit of fashion advice - wear a suit with a pocket square. So I bought one I really liked the look of it.  It added a bit of extra colour and gave the impression that a serious effort had been made. The only … Continue reading It’s Friday! Wear a pocket square.