8 Nice Things You Can Do To Make People Feel Welcome At Your Gym This New Year

Happy New Year! For those of you who are regulars at the gym, you probably are warming up to let out a collective sigh in anticipation of the gyms becoming overcrowded as January welcomes the latest cohort of new members inspired to sign-up so that they can get fit and in shape for a new … Continue reading 8 Nice Things You Can Do To Make People Feel Welcome At Your Gym This New Year

5 Tips to Make Your Home Workout Harder!

As highlighted in my first post in the #ukinlockdown series, one of my goals to maintain a sense of normality was to try and adapt my workouts so they are near enough to what I normally do at the gym. This business as usual approach, personally I think is the best approach to help with … Continue reading 5 Tips to Make Your Home Workout Harder!

Clear, Persistent and Strong

2019 blessed me with the most productive year in the gym. This was down to: ✅Determination ✅Clarity of Vision ✅Routine ✅Persistence ✅Continued learning Determination: Towards the end of 2018 I was at an organisation away day, where as an icebreaker I had to share an interesting fact. On the spot I blurted out I’d become … Continue reading Clear, Persistent and Strong

Gym vision: stronger by the day

In 2019 I convert my mish mash of ever changing gym goals into one simple vision: "Get strong as fuck..." One of my biggest gym mistakes is I have had 100% clarity what I want to get out of going to the gym. Do I want to be strong?Do I want to bit fit?Be able … Continue reading Gym vision: stronger by the day

120kg squat (Part 2)

Less than a week after I talked about my effort to do a  120kg squat, for one proper rep (i.e not cheating by quarter squatting)   I achieved it! It took months and much longer than expected but I did it! Despite going to the gym for over 15 years it was one of those moments where … Continue reading 120kg squat (Part 2)

The fit father

Prior to the birth of my little girl, I spoke to a work colleague how I would fit my gym routine around my soon to be changing life. "Oh you won't have time for all that anymore," they said in an almost self-satisfied manner. The gym has been part of my life for over 15 … Continue reading The fit father

120kg squat

Around the beginning of November last year I set myself the objective to be squat 120kg one rep max by the end of January 2018. My one rep max at the time was 105kg, which I would say I performed with a "faltering" form.  The pressure of my weight pushed my back and shoulders too far forward … Continue reading 120kg squat