In 2019 I convert my mish mash of ever changing gym goals into one simple vision:

“Get strong as fuck…”

One of my biggest gym mistakes is I have had 100% clarity what I want to get out of going to the gym.

  • Do I want to be strong?
  • Do I want to bit fit?
  • Be able to endure long distances?
  • Lose weight?
  • Low body fat?
  • Look good naked?
  • Be a body weight master?

In reflection, it feels like the majority of my years at the gym has been coasting between different ambitions and this cost my progress. In 2019 I wanted that to change.

My indecisiveness meant I would constantly chop and change my program around depending how I felt that week.

In 2018 I made good progress on my squat strength working up to a 120kg one rep max near the end of the year.

My obstacle racing days were behind me after constant injury problems brought about from the impact of running.

And although one of the benefits of the gym is it makes you more attractive, I was no longer a single twenty something trying to look the best I could for the ladies.

I was driven just to get strong. And that is all I have focused on this year.

A system means nothing without strong ambition, as part of getting strong this meant having a stronger bench, deadlift and squat.

At the start of 2019 I aimed high setting myself the ambitious targets:

  • Bench 110kg
  • Deadlift 200kg
  • Squat 150kg

All to be achieved by the end of the year (i.e. 31st December 2019).

It’s been a lot of work so far, but a lot of fun rising up to the challenge.

Progress so far…


Personal best: 155kg

Yearly best 155kg (28th May 2019)

This was not a planned deadlift day as I couldn’t get on the squat rack. This resulted in reaching this new personal best!

Next steps for my squat is to continue repping, I feel confident that I can manage a 160kg deadlift, but my aim to get comfortable and keep working on my form.


Personal best: 130kg

Yearly best: 130kg (14th March 2019)

Again not a planned squat day. I had gone to see my grandad on his deathbed the night before and just felt like I had to achieve something to make him proud – a new personal best of 130kg

I have struggled to build up reps, which means I won’t be going for a heavier lift soon. My short term aim is to feel more comfortable and confident with the heavy weight on the shoulders.


Personal best: 90kg

Seasonal best: 85kg

No season one rep max video for this – lost a bit of bench strength after side impact of weight loss (over 1 stone) and an arm injury. I am confident I can match my personal best.

My strategy with bench is to work that upper body set with a range of other exercises (incline and decline bench, upright rows, tricep dips etc…)

Progress not perfection…

These are my targets for the year. Halfway through 2019 I appreciate that some of the goals are quite ambitious, but it will be a journey I enjoy – even if I only see improvements by another 5 – 20kg in my lifts that is still stronger than I was last year!

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Thanks for reading – enjoy your day and keep crushing your goals and achieving those dreams!

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7 thoughts on “Gym vision: stronger by the day

  1. I am not as fit as you, only make to gym once a week. But, i am on staycation right now, and have been going a bit more often. But, oh my, some days i am like doing really well and others days it is like, i can’t do anything.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think sometimes it is learning your bodies capabilities – what is comfortable, what is streching and what uncomfortable. I appreciate there are days it feel harder. Some strategies I implement:
      1) focus on a body part
      2) train day on day off
      3) have session which purpose is to maintain or just do lighter so its easy.
      4) range between weights, cardio and stretching
      5) identify things that lead to deeper pains/potential injury and find safer alternatives
      Failing all that I focus on what I enjoy.

      Good luck with your fitness journey!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I think i am so unfit in general it all hurts. What did it was the gardening on monday, the back of my entire legs hurt. I did a light tredmill session today and we have a hyrdomassage that we 10mins per gym session . That help but aching again.


      2. Think the advice about knowing your body helps here, my wife has issues with pain from upper body workouts – the Internet is a greater resource for fitness advice. Unfortunatley most is written on the assumption no one has underlying issues that may cause difficulty.

        Liked by 1 person

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