Is Artificial Intelligence The Big Blogging Trend of 2023?

Over the past few years we have seen a growth in artificial intelligence (AI) tools that can support writing. Some of these have become so advanced you can generate a post in a matter of seconds. For those who don't enjoy the process of writing blog content, this is an option many are turning to. The question is - what does this mean for the future of blogging? What threat does this pose for the creatives?

What To Do With Constructive Feedback? (When You Think It’s Wrong!)

Feedback is a fantastic method to aid your growth. But remember - not all feedback is equal. Some people who are eager to give it, may have ulterior motivates or be acting upon false information. This post explores what to do when you receive "feedback", that doesn't constructive or useful

How Far Should You Go? (When Supporting a Friends Dream?)

Last week I got an interesting (and divisive) response to the loneliness ofpursuing your goals. Perfect Manifesto: Fear Pursuing Your Dream? The Reality Isn't What You Think Some of you agreed that following your dreams can be a lonely experience. Others disagreed and said that in their experiences they'd had a fantasticarray of support. I’m … Continue reading How Far Should You Go? (When Supporting a Friends Dream?)

Fearing Pursuing Your Dream? The Reality Isn’t What You Think…

One of the biggest challenges people face when deciding whether to chase a dream, is the inherent fear that people will laugh and judge you for your efforts. That is not the case. It's much worse than you think. When you choose to pursue a dream, you have to accept that it's a journey you … Continue reading Fearing Pursuing Your Dream? The Reality Isn’t What You Think…

Why Create? When You Can Destroy?

A reflection on people who throw soup on paintings in the name of 'protest' Why people destroy. And how to create.

6 Considerations To Balance A Busy Life With Your Ambition

Success comes with a big price - the more you have to offer, the more people want a bigger piece of you. When you're in such demand it can be difficult balancing your busy life with your continued ambition. In this post we explore some thoughts to help you come to term with your commitments, and set the big priorities you want to focus on most.

The State of Blogs in 2022: Is Blogging Dead?

Is blogging dead? There has been a lot of discussion this year about the future of this medium. In this post I look at the threats that impact the popularity of blogging, and how with a competitive market blogging can still have a place in your creative endeavours.

What Would You Do If You Found £120?

In this post I explore the legal, ethical, karma, just, and philosophical stance of walking off with money that you've found. What would you do if you found money that wasn't yours?

Confidence and Doubt

What is the relationship between confidence and doubt? They both have their role to play - too much confidence can make your arrogant and unlikeable, too much doubt can make you fearful and also unlikeable. In this post we explore the relationship between the two and how they drive you to succeed.

Despise The Free Lunch

Beware anything that comes for free. Whether it's being offered a free ebook, favour, or free lunch, beware that this may come at a cost. Some people use freebies as a sales tactic, to coerce the obliging to return the favour. In this post I share a story of getting caught up in being literally offered 'the free lunch'

From Casual To Cult: The Path To 1000 True Fans

In 2008 WIRED editor Kevin Kelly wrote that creators only needed 1000 true fans to make a living. In this post I look at this theory through the perspective of blogging and map out the different ways your audience engages up to the true fan - the person who enables you to make a living doing what you love.

Eat The Cookie, Or Don’t – A Post About Conformation Bias

In this post I look at the blog writers struggle with confirmation bias. It's easy to believe information when it suits are narrative, but why should we take more care? Here I argue the importance of checking sources and being responsible in what you publish (even if it ruins your plans!)