Thank You / When Life Gets In The Way

Thank You... It all started with a blog... Seven years ago I combined two desires together - my new drive to have ambitions, with one of these goals - my aspiration to setup a regular writing habit. I never quite knew where it would take me. Now we are in the present, the first month … Continue reading Thank You / When Life Gets In The Way

2 Poems That Changed My Life

Poetry has the power to change how you see life, a finely crafted piece of prose digs deep into your psyche, stirring up emotions as you compose your thoughts and meaning to words scribbled down on a page.  I wanted to share two poems from Charles Bukowski, which are special to me due to how … Continue reading 2 Poems That Changed My Life

Is This It?

In 2001 I left school to start working a job.  Within three months I’d mastered the basics, knowing I was doing ‘enough’ not to get fired.  Soon I started to wake up every morning thinking:  “Is this it?”  With a fear of not doing anything worthwhile in my life I enrolled in adult education classes, … Continue reading Is This It?

Old Town – Old Memories

This week... This week I’ve been putting in motions to organise a reunion with old friends.  This is a long delay, not just due to lockdown restrictions which have been in place over the past year, but also a reluctance on my part to find the motivation to put the movements to actually organise a … Continue reading Old Town – Old Memories

A Manifesto: Starting Your Fitness Journey

Twenty years ago I was invited to join my workplace football.  This was nothing too serious, just an informal kick around, but by the time I was finished I was coughing up the air trying to gather precious breaths.  Yeah, I was never much of an athlete at school but I didn’t quite realise how … Continue reading A Manifesto: Starting Your Fitness Journey

Strength Standards: How Strong Should I Be?

According to some random Internet tough guy, the strength and fitness standard for being a real man is:  Overhead press x2 your body weight. Bench press x4 smoking hot, Instagram influencers. Squat the weight of a hippo. Deadlift a lorry (for reps). Be able to do more pull-ups than a bearded capuchin monkey on heat. Run a 3 minute mile … Continue reading Strength Standards: How Strong Should I Be?

An Open Letter For Whomever

Part One... This year has been a difficult one, I’m sure you’ve heard that a thousand times before, but I’m a believer difficult times offer the opportunity to learn a lot.  Lockdown took away the freedom to keep doing the things we loved, and, seeing the people we loved.  Our places that relieved our stresses … Continue reading An Open Letter For Whomever

How Hard You Get Hit

It’s not been an easy year so far...  In some ways I knew this moment was coming, my head hasn’t been into much recently.  You could say too many lockdowns, too many gym closures,... too many setbacks were responsible for the frustrations.  But I know that’s a lie and a bit of self-sabotage was involved … Continue reading How Hard You Get Hit

Feel Disappointed After Achieving a Goal?: Try this…

For the past year, you’ve set yourself a habit working towards that goal to achieve that thing you really want. And after all that time working through the challenges and setbacks, you’ve finally done it! So why do you feel so down and disappointed with the end result? Why do I feel so down now … Continue reading Feel Disappointed After Achieving a Goal?: Try this…

It’s Coming Home…

This past week I was browsing Facebook and noticed a former school friend commenting on his happiness about a “well deserved promotion." As I was about to drop a comment congratulating them on their job success, I realised the promotion they were talking about was the English football team Leeds United going up to the … Continue reading It’s Coming Home…

The 7 Habits Of Highly Ineffective People

Although there is no exact formula to success, our mindset and attitude can be baggage holding us back.  We may not realise it, but the way we think maybe having an impact on our how effectively we achieve our goals and live our lives.  Many of us are unaware we are doing any of these, … Continue reading The 7 Habits Of Highly Ineffective People

It’s Okay To Relax

When I first got into self-improvement, I would always treat myself harshly if I took a night off to spend time on any activity deemed “unproductive” (i.e not contributing towards achieving an end goal). In these times my mind would fill itself with uncompassionate thoughts “How could you take a night off?  Your life is … Continue reading It’s Okay To Relax