How Busy Dads Can Balance Goals

Can you believe I've been a dad for three years. It only seems like yesterday I welcomed my first child into the world - I didn't have a clue what I was doing and had constant anxiety that everything small thing I did would have an impact on my child forever. One of the biggest … Continue reading How Busy Dads Can Balance Goals

The Parenting Gap / The Parenting Trap

According to the latest research, from the Institute for Fiscal Studies, mums appear to have been doing most of the housework and childcare during lockdown. With today’s post I wanted to discuss the main theme from this research – a sense of fairness balancing child care duties in a relationship against the day job. Is it possible to manage it all?

The fatherhood / ambition balance

The fatherhood / ambition balance Becoming a dad for the first time is a massive change to our lives.  How do you got about balancing fatherhood with ambition?   It can be difficult to focus on wider goals with this new person in our lives.   In this post, I share my experiences being a … Continue reading The fatherhood / ambition balance