What Does Stand by Me Teach You About Life?

In the category of “I can’t believe I’ve never seen it until now” is Stand by Me, based on the Stephen King novella The Body. The film is an enjoyable ride, falling into that old cliché of “they don’t make them last they used to” The audience is given a snapshot of the life of … Continue reading What Does Stand by Me Teach You About Life?

The long game

Recently I was engaged in an interesting conversation with a young gym goer around his dissatisfaction with his progress. There’d been good beginner gains during in his first year, but was now at a point of stagnation where progress suddenly wasn’t so visible. He was obsessed with getting bigger, but muscle growth takes time – with his youthful impatience … Continue reading The long game

Enjoy the journey

Upon undertaking the journey of self-improvement an individual typically finds they go through three stages of emotions in the quest to live a more fulfilling life. Elation When a decision to self-improve is made, one commits to deliberate effort addressing what they want in life; typically this comes in the form of setting goals and … Continue reading Enjoy the journey