10 Reasons to run/cycle outdoors rather than at the gym

I have recently got into doing more outdoor cardio.

I have found myself a number of times sitting/standing in a fixed position looking at:

  1. Mirror image of myself
  2. Uninspiring motivational poster/advert
  3. Boring view of the gym car park

This was all something that made gym cardio really tedious, hardwork.  This resulted in a significant reduction in doing cardio.  Here are 10 things I thought of (while cycling outside incidentally). Continue reading “10 Reasons to run/cycle outdoors rather than at the gym”


Gym observations

I have been going to the gym for over 12 years now.  Naturally this gives me the god-given right to judge everyone in my path.  Here are things I have observed over the years.

Men in the free weights area with big upper bodies – they seem to wear track suit bottoms a lot, therefore I have to ask “Do you even squat bro?”

A 300 pound woman and a 250 pound woman go the gym – this is not the start of a bad sexist joke.  But with revolutionist rush at the gym in January I was amused by a 300 pound woman giving advice to here 250 pound friend. Continue reading “Gym observations”