I Can’t Take It Anymore: 11 Steps To Avoid Burnout!

Are feeling overwhelmed with life that you feel at the point of burnout? This post shares some steps that can ease this pressure, and reduce the chance of you flagging in your commitments.

I Took A Blog Break. Here’s What Happened…

Thinking about taking a blogging break? In this post I look at my reluctance to take a break from blogging, and what changed my mind. Where my fears about taking a time out realised?

How to Recover from Burnout and Overstimulation During COVID-19 Lockdown

How are you coping with lockdown? In these types of situations it emphasises the importance dedicate to recovery - as things evolve you can constantly become obsessed seeking updates and trivia When everything kicked off, the news and people on social media went wild with updates and theories on COVID-19. Too much exposure to information … Continue reading How to Recover from Burnout and Overstimulation During COVID-19 Lockdown

That gym exhaustion feeling

It's been a hard few weeks at the gym. I feel that I have really improved over the last few week and as an added bonus it has been good to start have a consistent weight loss. I have gone from doing sessions where I was struggling to last more than an hour, to getting … Continue reading That gym exhaustion feeling

Burnout! Action!… So what next?

Burnout! The last four weeks have been disappointingly stagnant. Sometimes you can plan all you like, yet it does not transpire.  A number of activities I was working towards did not take place. I wanted to learn joinery but the course was cancelled, with no suitable alternatives on offer. An obstacle race I had been … Continue reading Burnout! Action!… So what next?