It’s been a hard few weeks at the gym.

I feel that I have really improved over the last few week and as an added bonus it has been good to start have a consistent weight loss.

exhausted I have gone from doing sessions where I was struggling to last more than an hour, to getting carried away at the gym that I have been late a few times for work!

To top it off I have started running and cycling again on a regular basis.  It’s almost like I have gone back to the old crazy me that was addicted to seeing results (almost).

Today though I am doing nothing.  I have had a feeling of exhaustion building up and today it took its toll.  Even getting my thoughts written down exhausted me!

I knew I had to stop when I found that I actually felt unfit and weak from my tiredness.

But I do think of this exhaustion in a positive way – I only ever feel like this when I have pushed myself to my limits and I have not felt like this for a while.

The best course of action is to rest for a couple of days and start again.

So when I recover I get to look forward to the gains I have made.

(Written Tuesday 3rd May 2016)

2 thoughts on “That gym exhaustion feeling

  1. Good work! I am also addicted to that feeling of pushing myself to my limits in a workout. That said, overtraining is definitely something that can happen. I battle it by making sure I am specific on what muscles I am working on a given day so that I can rotate. My “whole body” days are often more cardio focused, so I wear out before I get any major muscle breakdown.

    Oh! And dynamic stretching days are a good off day. Instead of doing a workout in the traditional sense, go through a dynamic stretching routine to increase limberness while not taxing your body.

    Your body will catch up. But it’s good that you’re listening to it!

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