3 Things Learned From Failing My Driving Test 5 Times

The first time I failed my driving test was because I nearly ran over another student as I was leaving the test centre. The worst part was...

Competition in the work place

I really love my job, it is probably the best one I have ever had. It is strange because when I got the new job it was a step up from the old one.  I have more responsibility and more money.  But unlike my other job I am back at the bottom - basically I … Continue reading Competition in the work place

Winners guilt

I don't really win much. I don't really win ever. It's not through lack of effort, but occasionally a combination of my hardwork, determination, luck and good decisions pays off. It's nice that hardwork does occasionally pay off because I put a lot of faith in it - usually to my disappointment this has not … Continue reading Winners guilt

How Mindset Got Me A Running Personal Best

In my quest to dominate the Spartan race, I have been working on my running time. I decided to compete in a 10k the week before Spartan - the purpose to soak up a competitive atmosphere and address any gear issues. I was running that distance round 46 – 48 minutes, but had not timed … Continue reading How Mindset Got Me A Running Personal Best