Competition in the work place

I really love my job, it is probably the best one I have ever had.

It is strange because when I got the new job it was a step up from the old one.  I have more responsibility and more money.  But unlike my other job I am back at the bottom – basically I am the office junior and have to do all the tedious work that comes with that. Continue reading “Competition in the work place”


Winners guilt

I don’t really win much.

I don’t really win ever.

It’s not through lack of effort, but occasionally a combination of my hardwork, determination, luck and good decisions pays off.

It’s nice that hardwork does occasionally pay off because I put a lot of faith in it – usually to my disappointment this has not been the case.  So the training 6 times a week was worth it. Continue reading “Winners guilt”

Dreaming about the obstacles

I am running in the Spartan race.

My friend Tom is chasing strong.

I have been getting cocky because I have always been the stronger runner, but today he is keeping up with me. Continue reading “Dreaming about the obstacles”

The Perfect Time…

In my quest to dominate the Spartan race, I have been working on my running time.

I decided to compete in a 10k the week before Spartan – the purpose to soak up a competitive atmosphere and address any gear issues.

I was running that distance round 46 – 48 minutes, but had not timed myself for a while.  I decided to set myself the target of 41 minutes and to be honest I thought I may have been setting myself up for disappointment.

I prefer 5k distance, it is easier to fit around other commitments. Due to seeking a perfect body at the gym, I don’t always have the energy to run. Continue reading “The Perfect Time…”