3 Things Learned From Failing My Driving Test 5 Times

The first time I failed my driving test was because I nearly ran over another student as I was leaving the test centre. The worst part was...

Learning how to drive

Trying to Passing my driving test, exposed me to some of the worst advice I ever received. "You've failed your test, just book straight back onto it..." this didn't consider that I should reflect where I went wrong or find a better teacher - this resulted in a waste of time and money. A Pattern … Continue reading Learning how to drive

Be SMART to achieve your New Year Resolution goals.

In some ways I despise New Year resolutions. It makes me think of the insincerity of people, setting these meaningless platitudes to impress others without any intent to change, rather than for their own self-worth. In other ways I think it is a good habit to develop - as something that should be done four … Continue reading Be SMART to achieve your New Year Resolution goals.