Dreams and Reality

Many years ago I bought a guitar.  This decision was motivated about dreaming of playing in a band.

I never wanted to be the lead singer, but be the cool, sullen guitarist, who stood in the background, but was the real talent that carried the band.  Being the hardworking, introvert really appealed to me.


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200 posts later… My secret is out…

As I write this to mark my 200th post it seems fitting that as I sat in my new home the other day, the ‘missus’ quiet casually brings my blog into conversation.

For those who are not aware – this blog is not something that the people in my real life are aware of.  Its a bit like I am Clark Kent and this blog is Superman.


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10 years later…

My lack of progress in the job market has partly been down to my own fault, as I gradually developed an apathy to getting a better job around the time I started writing this blog.

But in my defense the last 10 years career was has been a lot of let downs and disappointments, which made me feel burnt out.  Because of this I decided to focus on making other areas of my life better – which I did.

These improvements spurred on my decision to get a new job before my next birthday.  Now that I have a new job, I have been reflecting – It has taken me about 10 years to progress into an advanced position.

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3 attitudes to a better life

Life is great.

Yet we take for granted the small things, such as access to education, health care and sanitation.

Many of us are miserable as we express dissatisfaction in every area of are lives.

I did not have a great start last year – I was miserable.  But by the end of last year I was loving life.  I adopted the following 3 attitudes to living a better life:

  1. Don’t be negative
  2. Embrace losing
  3. Make an effort to improve everyday

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