My lack of progress in the job market has partly been down to my own fault, as I gradually developed an apathy to getting a better job around the time I started writing this blog.

But in my defense the last 10 years career was has been a lot of let downs and disappointments, which made me feel burnt out.  Because of this I decided to focus on making other areas of my life better – which I did.

These improvements spurred on my decision to get a new job before my next birthday.  Now that I have a new job, I have been reflecting – It has taken me about 10 years to progress into an advanced position.

And my aspirations began in 2005….

An opportunity arouse in my dead end job working as an IT assistant.  I had already been doing this as an additional duty to my post.  You could say it had been made for me, my only competition was the new girl who had only recently started doing similar duties.  Prior to this she had no experience.

Yet I didn’t get it…

So in 2006….

I realised I would get nowhere and because I had nothing to lose I went to university.

In 2007…

The recession kicked in – I wondered what job prospects would be like when I graduated..

In 2009…

I graduated and I was stuck doing voluntary work and temp jobs.  I was worse off than ever.

So in 2010….

Stupidly, I went back to university.  Because I thought having another degree would increase my chances

But really in 2011….

I just had more dept.  It bought me a six month internship that paid peanuts and I ended up in further debt as I tried to keep up rent payments on an expensive city flat.  Despite all the clues, I held out hoping I would be made permanent, but that never happened.

I thought the experience of the internship would get me a prestigious job elsewhere

But it didn’t

So in 2012….

I was unemployed for six months, so I volunteered more and went to the gym which helped me lose all the university drinking weight.

This was a turning point – I would have to work my way up.  I managed to get a part time job in a library in 2012.  This was actually a really good job, the only downside was being patronised on a daily basis by a post menopausal women who thought I needed supervision to put books in alphabetical order.

It was simple and it made me lazy.

In 2013…

I was thinking about training to be a librarian alongside the job.  But with the cutbacks in the public sector, I knew the library was never going to be in a position to offer me full time work or improved career prospects.

So I ended up back in full time work.  I had managed to get a job where I was earning the same amount as the job I quit in 2006.  Depressingly I realised I would be earning more in original job as I would have had 12 years experience.

I soon realised that this was not the place I was going to advance.  I always remember the boss hiding the job bulletin so that staff could never even casually browse other jobs.

In 2014…

By this point I had listened to the lies… I had been told that changing jobs too quickly would make me look disloyal and would be bad on my CV and I never mentioned my university education as this was taken as a slight that I was saying I was better than everyone else.

And I crashed – I was in hell…

I had three options:

  1. I could return and ignore the problem until it came around again. (Oblivious option)
  2. I could quit my job and chance my luck elsewhere (Flight option)
  3. I could go back to my job, but look to better myself elsewhere (Fight option)

I decided to fight and this led to an interview in project management.

And so the rest was history.  It really was an emotionally moment when I was offered this position, it had taken 10 years to move up to the next level.  And the self-doubt has already disappeared.

In reflection…

From reflecting my past work I have learnt a lot of things:

  • I probably would have got a job like this sooner if I had stopped worrying about what others thought,
  • I should not have been so bitter about my failures and reflected why I was not considered for promotion.
  • Life is too short – might as well make as much money and get as much satisfaction from work as possible.
  • 90% of the work I have done did not need a university education but it has changed the way I think, organise and express myself.

So in 2015…

I am ready for a new challenge, I am still young, ambitious and I am ready to show people what I can do.

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